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DeAnna is a medical student who was a make-up artist for 20+ years, scientist working on dermatology/ immunology research and numerous years working at a dermatology practice. Her love for make-up and skincare started at a very early age and blossomed into her art. Her passion has been to reinvigorate the face with skincare and beautify with make-up. Her mantra is  “Every woman should love the skin they are in and make-up should enhance natural beauty, with subtle transformations, while creating a flawless face.”

She started her career as a professional make-up artist ~20 years ago working at one of Philadelphia’s top salons. Then she worked for M.A.C cosmetics for 11 years in both Philadelphia and New York City, even providing her expertise at M.A.C. Pro in NYC. She has had the privilege of working and learning among the best make-up artists in the country.  Her talent and passion have beautified thousands of faces–at fashion shows, celebrity make-up, special events, bridal make-up, TV segments and editorials.

In addition to her vast make-up experience her passion for skincare has fueled her drive into dermatology. There, she has provided medical grade make-up while simultaneously developing as a dermatology medical and research assistant. She has been published on scientific/clinical research papers with Penn Dermatology, as first author and second author.

DeAnna has had hands-on training and mentorship with some of the country’s top artists and dermatologists and has developed an eye for detail and perfection, as well as a focus on the client’s experience. She fell in love with the way her clients would feel and look in the mirror and smile at the transformation. Her goal is to help every woman discover the beauty they already possess as well as provide health and wellness in the future. She currently is a medical student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she continues her education to become an expert and doctor in her field.